Sunday, September 2, 2012

Venerable Brother Lucas -- Painted.

Now that he's painted, I thought I'd post a few pics of the Grey Knights Ven-Dread that I converted for the Tale of 4(ish) Gamers that was running at my FLGS.  I had a bit of a quandary in painting him; do I stick with the grey scheme that I'd settled on for the vehicles, or do I paint him all shiny silver, like the other Grey Knights?  In the end I opted to paint him like a vehicle while painting the helmet in the sarcophagus silver.

I used a few different washes, Ogryn Flesh, Green and Blue to get a heat stained effect on the barrels of the autocannon.

The Throne of Judgement makes a great chassis for a dreadnaught but it does have a lot of details to paint; A LOT of details.  I'm still not sure that I got all of the purity seals.

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