Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Great Coat Heavy Weapons

I'm adding heavy weapons to my Great Coat platoon, specifically, missile launchers.  In keeping with the Russian flavor of my Great Coats, I opted to modify the GW missile launcher to resemble something more like an RPG-7 with an oversized warhead on the nose of the missile.

 I started by shortening  the launch tube to just forward of the sight assembly.  To form the front of the missile, I took a mortar round from the heavy weapons sprue and cut off the fins. I then flattened the nose of the mortar slightly to form a good attachment point.  Next, I took one of the missiles from the set, cut off the fins and attached the reversed mortar round.

 The missile then got inserted into the muzzle of the blast shield piece and adjusted to get just the right amount of missile to look right and cut off rest flush with the back of the blast shield.  The whole assembly then gets glued to the front of the tube.

The crew is built from the WGF kneeling Great Coat legs and torso from the Heavy Weapons box, Pig Iron winter militia heads and Cadian heavy weapons arms.

One of the best things about the IG heavy weapons is the ability to create a small diorama of sorts on the 60mm base.  I chose to use a section of wall/fence from the Cities of Death range for the crew to hide behind. I added a few random structural shapes twisted and bent to look like wreckage.

One down, four to go.

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