Friday, January 25, 2013

Uriah Jacobus

Uriah Jacobus offers a lot of buffs for a Sisters of Battle army (or an allied contingent of Guardsmen), but I'm not all that crazy about the official model.  So, I decided to convert one up for my wife.

An empire flagellant was the natural starting point, but I wanted to give him a bit of an Empire Warrior Priest look so I exchanged his upper torso for one from a Empire state troop wearing a cuirass.  Uriah carries a badass: shotgun 24" range, Assault 2 -- an Empire Repeater Handgun, felt like a good choice here.

I asked my wife which head she would like for Uriah, she chose the guy with the brazier on his head -- fiery oratory?

Uriah needs his hands free so I opted for the Flagellant back-banner for the "Banner of Sanctity".  A few more sundry items and he's ready for paint.


Yancy Small said...

Nice conversion, can't wait to see it painted. I'm a Tau player currently, though my first army was sisters in 2nd edition. I have a Uriah Jacobus model that has a sawed off Kroot Rifle in place of his stock gun (I cut the original off in 2nd edition when I got it as I believe you could swap out wargear on characters back then and I had given him a bolter for some reason).. Now it looks like he has this huge over/under double barrel shotgun..

Hudson said...

Thanks Yancy, he's currently at the top of the painting queue. The sawn-off Kroot Rifle sounds cool too.