Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shrine-World PDF

I'm playing around with some guardsmen for my wife to use as allies with her Sisters; I'm looking doing a somewhat ceremonial-looking  PDF regiment from the same homeworld and using similar colors.  I'm using  cadian bodies MAS Guards heads and Cadian arms/weapons.  I think the Cadian  look fine but I'm kinda iffy on the Cadian shoulder pads -- I think I'll reserve final judgement until after the prototype is painted.

I decided to do a sergeant first as the prototype.  Since these guys will likely be blobbed up with Uriah Jacobus, the Sgts. will get power axes.  Here of course comes the rub;  guardsmen hold their las-pistols in their right hands and chain swords in the left -- except for the Warriors of  Chaos, all of the axes are held by right hands, and the WoC axes don't really look suitable for these guys.  I found some nice right-handed halbreds in my bitz box and set to work.  For this first guy, I used a right arm from the Cadian heavy weapons box holding a mortar round -- swapped the hand for the one with the axe and assembled.  The left hand started as a Sgt's chainsword arm, removed the chainsword and added a las-pistol from one of the tank sprues and glued it all together.


I think he fits the theme, now to get him painted.

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